From two tanks to one!


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I tried to alter a tank that I purchased from Hot Topic to adjust the fit from a basic rectangle to something that would fit a girl with hips.  My plan A was to slash the back and add a gusset so the bottom would have some drape and be flowy. I tried to add in some black mesh but my technique to deal with two stretch fabrics and a point was all wrong. 

Ugh! Yuck! What a mess!  On to Plan B! Lets cut off the back and adda back I do like! I grabbed a tank from my sister’s donation pile that I thought the back would work well for my project. 

Here they are together. I cut the back of each shirt off at the seams.  I then folded the fronts in half down the center.  I used the donated top as a pattern for cutting the front of the purple shirt so the shoulders were the correct width to join the new back to.

I then sewed the new back to the purple front using my serger.  I didn’t worry about finishing where I cut the new neck and shoulder line on the purple shirt.  It is not going to fray, so I left it raw. 

Here is my “new” shirt ready for the gym or even this summers concerts! 

How do you like my new remake? 

March Makes plus fabric and craft haul!


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I am really excited to share some of my makes this month!  I have been busy! I finished up two projects that I had stashed in a bin that I am embarrassed to admit that were probably started over 5 years ago.  Both projects required my nemesis, the iron!  

The first one was the St. Patty’s Day table runner.  I purchased enough fabric years ago to make a whole set of runners and placemats for my dining room.  I cut everything out and only completed the first table runner.  Luckily I was digging through a project box and came across the pieces and decided that I was going to finish the second runner and repurpose the rest of the fabric as my table is too narrow for runner and placemats.  I reluctantly got out the iron and got to work.  I spray basted the shamrock fabric onto the yellow, pinned on the rick rack, and zig zag stitched all three pieces together.  I then attached thin interfacing to the back piece and sewed both pieces together right sides facing.  I turned it right side out and just hand sewed the opening closed.

The second completed project was the Hello Kitty scrub top.  Again I started this year’s ago and tossed it into a project box when I discovered I made an error that would require me to take it apart.  I completely goofed up the neck line!  So I pulled it all apart.  Reset the neck line and got it all back together.  But I made an error when purchasing the fabric in the first place.  I didn’t buy enough and I didn’t have a pattern.  I was just winging it based off of a purchased scrub top of mine. So it was really short in the length!  I knew I was never going to wear it if I didn’t correct that issue. So that’s when I found the coordinating pink fabric.  I decided I wanted to add in a 6 inch band of pink plus ties in the back. So I cut the top where it would just start at my abdomen. I sewed up some pink ties, sewed together the middle pink section, attached the top and the bottom to it. I had to iron my seams flat as well as some left over material for some pockets. Unfortunately,  I missed the winter weather to wear this print but it is out of my unfinished box! 

I did another t-shirt revamp using two shirts to make a new one. And I made a pair of linen Bermuda shorts with some fabric I purchased a few months ago that I pulled out of the stash. (More on these projects later)

And I made some Mickey ears! I was inspired by a youtube video I came across for some wire ears and I decided to make them with things I had around.  Mickey ears made St. Patty’s Day so much more fun for a friend and I. I also made her some Marie ears to test out for me.

I have a few commissions I need to complete, so thankfully most of these purchases are project related instead of stash building. (For a change) 

First I purchased three different Star Wars Fabrics from Jo-Ann Fabrics to make some Mickey ears. The fabric was $10-$13.00 a yard. I also picked up two McCall’s patterns that were on sale for $1.99 ea. The patterns are just going into the pattern stash.

I also needed some additional ribbon to go along with the fabric for the ears so I also went to Pat Catans and Michaels. The basic solid colored ribbon came from Pat Catans, while the blue sparkly narrower ribbon came from Michaels, then the Star Wars and orange ribbon came from Jo-Anns. Needless to say the Star Wars Robin was the most expensive ribbon.  While in Michaels I also picked up some black gems, cording for some fleece hoods I have started, and some washi tape (because why not).

After looking for ribbon I like for these projects at multiple stores,  does anyone like to purchase ribbon online?  Can anyone recommend a good online store? 

DIY Z-palette : a money saver?


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Normally I am not very interested in make-up, but recently it has been a new obsession. Perhaps it’s because this winter was so gray and cold,  perhaps it’s because I signed up for Ipsy, or perhaps it’s a fad and I will go back to my no make-up ways as fast as this trend for me started.  Who knows.  In the meantime I have accumulated alot of single eye shadows that need a home.  I looked at the z-palette system and did a double take on the price.  Do you know how much more eyeshadow I can buy for that price? I was hoping I could make something like a z palette but cheaper.  So I scoured youtube for some suggestions and decided to try the journal method.  

Here is what I used:

1. Medium sized journal (five below $5.00)

2. Duct tape (five below $3.99)

3. Magnetic sticker sheet (pat catans $4.99 for a pack)

4. Adhesive backed foam sheets (Walmart $6.69 for pack of 40)

5. Exacto knife; ruler; spare elastic head band

Starting with the journal, carefully remove the paper from the binding with the exacto knife.

Then I covered what was left of the binding with a strip of duct tape.

I also did not like the inside color of the journal so I covered the top with a piece of foam to coordinate with the duct tape. Next cane the magnet. The biggest size in the pack fit perfectly in the hollow space on the other side of the journal.  No cutting! 

Next I measured the remaining teal space exposed and cut strips of self sticking foam.
 I then pulled the backing off the steps and stacked them to match the height of the journal pages I cut out.

Unfortunately I had to use some black strips as well because I didn’t have enough purple.  

But here it is all finished! 

I am going to use a extra elastic headband to keep it closed.  

Ok so was this a better deal?  Cost wise,  the large z-palette is $20.00 versus using about $10.00 in supplies and an hour of my time.  So a win there.  My version appears to be a little smaller than the large z-palette.  I also didn’t have to order it online and wait for it. 

I am calling this craft a draw.  I saved some money which was my goal,  but I am not sure I am in love with my end product.  I am considering adding a mirror to the lid. I haven’t really played with it too much,  but maybe I will love it in the end.  

The importance of finishing seams. ……


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When I started sewing for myself on a regular basis I was so excited to finish garments. But seam finishing wasn’t really taken into consideration.  I regret this now. Some of the first things I made for myself were scrub tops. I had just started working full time in my chosen field and surprisingly scrubs are expensive. (IMO) I couldn’t afford to buy fun scrubs,  but what I could do was go to the local Walmart fabric section.  I would buy fun clearance fabric and spend an afternoon making work scrubs. I could have a top for 5 bucks or less!  

However,  using cotton fabric and not finishing off my cut edges is coming back to haunt me.

Everything is fraying! 

Little strings everywhere! 

I did not have a serger back then,  so I should have taken the time to zig zag stitch all my edges,captured them in bias tap, or have done french seams. 

The only thing I have going for me is that I left large seam allowances.  So with a few small seam rips I was able to run my fraying tops through the serger. I finished the seams I opened and my pokemon top will live to see another work day. 

Me Made Christmas 


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Merry Christmas! I have been a busy little elf this year hand making presents. I have been sick for most of December and haven’t quite finished everything I need to. Thankfully we will be celebrating Christmas pretty much through New Years this year.  So I thought I would share something I made for a few of my favorite little humans last Christmas.  They are getting big fast and their first tricycles were on there way. They live were the local bike trail is right over the hill so having the kids in tow on the trail happens regularly. Now with them having their own bikes I thought it would be nice for them to be able to carry their own water and snacks with them as well. Continue reading

Workout wardrobe revamp using family cast offs!

I have needed some new gym clothes for awhile now. But I was pretty appalled by the prices. Considering I am going to sweat and be stinky in these garments why do I want to spend a mint on them?  Being the oldest of my siblings you might not expect me getting bags of unwanted clothing from my brother and sister,  but I happily do and often with little or no work I have a new to me wardrobe.

I recently left a family get together with a stack of unwanted t-shirts. I excitedly accepted them as I knew they would quickly become my work out clothes. I will show you a few ways to alter a t-shirt with little to no sewing involved. Continue reading

Pattern Matching and failing at adulting.


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Have you ever felt like you were  failing at being an adult? I opened my e-mail today for the first time in about two weeks to find over 5000 waiting for me. 5000!!! How does that happen? After mass deleting advertisements and spam for over an hour I think I found 10 emails I actually needed/wanted to read. I recently failed to pay a bill. I never do that. I didn’t put it where my bills go and completely forgot about it. My house is in a constant state of disarray and there are more started projects waiting for me then finished ones it feels like. I didn’t plant my vegetable garden this year. I couldn’t get my schedule and the weather to cooperate to get the tiller out. My freezer is going to be mighty bare this winter. I haven’t weeded my flower beds once this summer! How long has it been since I shared any fun projects?? Continue reading

Best laid plans….


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This year for me had started off really rough.  Nothing much has really gone according to plan.  I have been wondering what the hell I did to piss Murphy of royally. Needless to say,  due to all the drama in my life crafting,  sewing and blogging has suffered.  I really wanted to make myself a dress for Easter.  Unless I pull a all day sewing Saturday adventure,  it’s not going to happen.  My
family will understand that making a new dress is more important than being prepared for Easter,  right?

Continue reading

Scrapbook pages. A great excuse to put off cleaning!


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I am very good at organizing my scrapbooking projects, a little too good. I think I have more pages organized than completed.  I get excited about some photos and gather the paper I want to use, a collection of embellishments, stickers, memorabilia, etc. I then use clear scrapbooking files or clear plastic boxes to keep it all together until I actually do the page I had in mind. And there my pages sit waiting until I get the gumption or inspiration to actually put them together.

There is a downside to this method. I find that I tend to over buy materials. Or since I have them all organized away, I forget that I have them. Recently I discovered that I purchased the same sticker set three times, for three different projects, that I completely forgot that I had in the first place. I guess I really like the stickers. (PS still have yet to work on any of those three projects.)

So the other day I was picking up my crafting space a bit and picked up one of my organized clear boxes when inspiration struck. Or it might possibly be that scrapping is much more fun than cleaning.

Out of the box I pulled some Christmas photos I scanned and had reprinted a bit ago. Also tucked away I had a Christmas paper stack (So that’s where that went to!), some embellishments, stickers, and letters. I guess since the weather is finally cold here, working on Christmas pages seems an appropriate subject matter.

Below I will break down what I used, what I like about these pages, and of course what I don’t like.

Continue reading

New patterns that I am excited about…adding to the stash.


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2016-02-13 14.37.07

New spring patterns are out and I took a peek online at a few. I was really excited for some of the Simplicity patterns that came out. It just so happened that I had to pick up a few supplies for three aerial costumes I am working on and I had a few minutes to spare at Jo-ann Fabric’s to see the envelopes in person. They were also on sale for $1.00. I picked these three up. I love all the details in the steampunk pattern that is kinda hidden. The vintage wrap dress I found intriguing and beautiful. And I loved the center red costume on the third pattern and that neck line.

No I don’t have any plans to sew these at the moment. I do have a vintage pattern I am interested in making out of vintage fabric for Easter. But more about that later, right now I need to focus on these costumes.

Anyone have a new pattern they are excited about making?