I thought long and hard about what amazing first blog post I would dazzle myself and others with. And although I have worked on and completed many things since I created this in August, I can’t say I made anything that was the level of knock your socks off that I was thinking about.  Don’t get me wrong I made a lot of cool things, but nothing grandiose using every ounce of construction and technical knowledge to wow everyone with.

Then it struck me. I am going to start with project failures and how I over came them. This is how you learn right? I would guess fifty percent of the time something in my project does not go as I had planned. Whether it be little things from breaking a sewing machine needle to more devastating problems like cutting a hole in a skirt with your serger because you are rushing. (  <—I speak from personal experience there) So some fixes are easy and some involve starting over, but I learn something with every screw up.

So lets start with this little project. I wanted to make some garden things for my mom as she has a fresh empty flower bed. This project also had to be cheap and preferable a stash buster.


Here is my inspiration picture.

( Found at shelterness.com if it doesn’t click through to the site)

I love these because they feel Alice in Wonderland inspired. Bonus: I have vintage tea cups I saved from my bff tea party wedding shower I threw her.


All the pretty china at the shower! (Photo by Capture me Imaging)

Second bonus: Aside from making my mom one, I can make my bff one too! (And maybe one for me!) I dislike that they are on spindles because I just don’t have any spare spindles laying around. Also I didn’t really want them to be bird feeders as cheap bird feed just brings thistles into your yard. I was thinking that I could probably plant something small in it like ivy or a succulent.

After digging around in my craft supplies I decided that I was going to glue the cup on the saucer on its side and hang it from a shepherds hook. I wanted to snazzy up what the cup would be hanging from so I decided on some glass metallic beads on jewelry wire with a macrame wood “o” to hang it from the hook from.


I actually kept this cup and saucer! (Photo by Capture Me Imaging)

So I had a game plan! Out of my glue stash came Beacon 527 Multi-purpose glue meant for tile, ceramics and more!

2015-08-14 12.58.27

All glued together! (I thought)

In order to get the cup to stay in place while the glue dried I looped some masking tape around the cup and then under the saucer. Sorry I didn’t take a photo of it! After I took the tape off, I looped a length of jewelry wire around the handle of the cup and strung the beads on both pieces of wire. When I got to the end I added the macrame o-ring on one piece of wire and then I twisted the ends of the wire together tightly and then pulled the twist into the last bead. Patience is needed here to get the wire down in the bead without breaking it. I then twisted the wire at the base of the o-ring to tighten up the space I had there. Thankfully I did not give away the first one I made. I tried it our in my flower bed first.

2015-06-21 14.18.35

Hanging in my flower bed over some licorice mint

I am guessing this glue is either weather or UV sensitive. The darn saucer did not stay attached.

After the saucer fell off the first time I thought maybe I should fill in the gap along the curve of the cup. I dug some small washers out of my garage and glued layers of them down, but the glue did not hold again and I found the cup dangling and the saucer laying in the mulch with washers still attached. At this point I could just peel the glue off the saucer. So out came the big guns: E600 glue. I removed all the old glue and washers and reglued with the E600. So far my test piece is still together, but I have lost the garden season to hang it again and see how it holds up. It’s ok though, the winter will fly by and I already have a plan up my sleeve for some Mother’s Day gifts!

So have you ever had a glue not do what it was supposed to do?