I went into Jo-Ann Fabrics looking for some lingerie elastic and got sucked into their sale going on. Does my sewing stash really need anything else added to it, you might ask? The logical side of me says “No! Not at all! Run Away!”. However my inner craft goddess won against the logical side with “We will use it someday. It’s on sale now!”. So here is what I picked up for some future project.

  • Three yards of Monet like Tardis Dr. Who print fabric for a dress someday.
  • Half Yard of batik for altering a pair of off the rack pants I have someday.
  • One yard of fox print for a pair of sleep shorts for me someday.
2015-11-18 09.18.05.jpg


I won’t tell you what I spent on this fabric. Yes it was all on sale, but it wasn’t really in the budget nor where the possibility of any of these projects on my sewing calendar.  Bear with me, the hoarding continues.

  • A remnant of a rayon/acrylic blend with velvet dots. It’s almost a full yard for under $3.00!
  • Three simplicity patterns for a dollar each!
2015-11-14 18.22.17

Patterns and fabric to add to the stash!

And finally, pieces and parts on clearance for my bias tape maker and rotary cutting machine!

2015-11-18 09.21.16

I couldn’t pass them up at the prices marked plus I had coupons with me as well. Anyone notice any elastic in these photos? Me either! This trip to the store was an elastic and will power failure. As a side note though, I never get a cart at any craft store when I am just “running in”.  I have to be able to carry everything around the store, to the cutting counter, and then to the register to limit my craft supply hoarding.

Anyone have any tips to limit the craft supply hoarding?