I have a confession. I am slightly addicted to Pinterest. OK more than slightly, I had to uninstall the app off my phone because I was always glued to it. And probably like may others I have pinned many tutorials on how to do x, y or z. One pin I found was how to hem jeans using the original hem. (Tutorial here: http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2014/11/how-to-shorten-jeans/)

I thought this would be great for me because I fall in the height range where regular pants are too long (anywhere from 2 to 6 inches depending on the store) and petite pants are too short unless I wear them tucked into boots all the time. Needless to say I had a stack of jeans that needed some improvement. I started with a pair of light khaki stretch skinny jeans. I will mention here that the material they are made out of is not as thick as a regular pair of jeans. And no matter what I tried you could tell that I sewed on the original hem. The fabric and color was just not forgiving. 2015-11-04 09.25.38

I had started ripping out the seam here and decided I should have taken a picture beforehand. Not a pretty finish. Thankfully I did not cut the pants yet. So I ripped out the seam I created and hemmed the pants the good old fashion way.  I cut off the extra length after figuring out how much fabric I would need to make my hem. (About an inch less.) I rolled about a half inch of fabric to the inside of the legs. I then rolled it over again, pinned, and put my seam in starting at the inside of the leg.2015-11-04 09.40.45Finished hem and extra I cut off! These pants are now ready to be worn with flats or booties without having four inches rolled up around my ankle.

I have yet to try this technique on a regular pair of jeans as my skinny pants took priority. It appears I like to buy skinny jeans with a stretch content to the fabric so the material is thinner then regular jeans. Aside from the gals at Craftsy having success with this technique, have you? How did you make it work?