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Did everyone survive Christmas in one piece? My family had a nice quiet Christmas. We watched old Christmas movies, took lots of naps, and did a lot of cooking.  Thankfully my mother made Christmas kinda easy on us by declaring it a homemade holiday. The rules are simple:

1.Everything must be made or worked on by us.

2. There is no price limit. So supplies can come from what we already have and just takes our time to do or we can start from scratch and purchase more crafting supplies for said projects.

3. Larger projects do not need to be finished by Christmas, but they have to be started.

My brother and I teamed up for one present for my mom. So we took our project to the garage (my brothers domain) and the craft room (my domain). My brother found the inspiration image somewhere out on the web and decided we could easily make it for our mom. Here is what we made!2015-11-26 21.11.09Wait! It says “Happy Thanksgiving!” you might exclaim! But guess what? It is two sided!2015-11-26 21.11.29

Pretty fun, right? So here are the supplies we used to make this gem of a decoration:

  • Scrap pieces of 2×4
  • Wood Stain
  • Wood screws
  • Paint brushes
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Letter stickers
  • Corner rounding punch
  • twine or ribbon
  • Brown and Black Acrylic paint
  • Doodle Type Cricut Cartridge
  • Super 77
  • Kyrlon Crystal Clear top coat spray

We needed the following equipment for this project:

  • Table Saw
  • Drill
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Large electric sander
  • Large clamp
  • Cricut die cut machine
  • Large and small paper cutter

Sorry I don’t have construction photos. But my brother made a second wood base for me, I just need to finish it. So maybe I will remember and update my how to.

Here is the garage part. To get started my brother cut down some scrap 2×4 pieces I had in the garage. The blocks for the letters are three different heights and the base piece that says Christmas or Thanksgiving is 12 inches long. He ripped the piece in half so it is the same depth as the letter pieces. Next all the pieces were sanded smooth and the edges and corners were rounded down. We screwed the pieces together from the bottom using the countersink drill bit so the screw heads were sunk into the wood and it would sit flat. Then the whole thing was stained in some left over stain we had from another project. After it was dry we took it to the craft room! First we painted rectangles on the letter pieces of wood where the paper would sit. Black on the Christmas side and brown on the Thanksgiving side. While it was drying I was using my cricut to cut out letters from the holiday scrap paper. I had to do a little bit of experimenting to cut the letter out in the right place. This would be easier if Cricut Craft room would work for me. But it doesn’t and that will be my next failure post. Anyways instead of using just the letters we used the negative of the letter so I cut down the paper to fit so the letter was centered and then I rounded the papers corners. Next we sprayed one side with Super 77 and waited until it was tacky. Then we applied the paper. Downside to using Super 77 is that areas you don’t need sticky are sticky. I waited until the next day to do the other side hoping that some of the extra stickiness would dry up. It did dry a  little but I was nervous about laying it down on the finished side. So I cleaned my countertop really well so no stray string, glitter, or paper pieces were lurking around. I added the paper to the other side and then again waited until the next day to add the stickers for the holiday on the bottom. Then the whole thing got coated in clear coat and was allowed to dry. Finally I added a little bit of twine to the middle letter by tying a bow on each side.

A con about this project: Perhaps Super 77 was not the best adhesive to use. I might use mod podge next time around. I have never used it before so I am curious to know if it will cause the acrylic paint to bleed through the paper. Any pro mod podge users out there to weigh in on its use?

Pros about this project. My mom loved her decoration.  My little brother and I got to hang out and do something together.  We used things that we already had! I love stash busting!