I will start by saying I very much love my Cricut Personal Die Cutter. It has added so much to my scrapbook projects. I got one early on before they came out with the gypsy, expression etc. It is the little guy so it cuts on the 6″x12″ mat.


It works perfectly still so I never felt the need to upgrade it. It would be nice sometimes to cut out at 12″x12″ in the comfort of my home but I found a solution to some of my larger cutting needs. Check out the craft schedule at your local Pat Catan’s. Some of them offer Scrap it/Scrapbooking Saturdays and they bring out some of their crafting supplies for anyone who shows up to use, including the larger Cricut machines. I just save my larger projects for those days I can attend.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Instead of ordering or finding the cartridge for an image you want, Cricut offers downloading abilities from their website with purchase of course. In order to use these files you need to start an account with them and download Cricut Craft Room for the older models or Cricut Design Space for the newer models. Moving forward will only be my experience with Craft Room.

First, I made sure that my cricut and computer were compatible with the program, which both met the supplied requirements. Downloading the program was very simple off of the Cricut site. It installed fine but it never worked. It would never get past the loading screen. The little thinking graphic would just swirl away. After many attempts of getting it up and running I uninstalled it and re-installed the program. Same deal. I contacted there customer support about the program. After messaging with one of their team members she felt that the firm ware on my cricut needed updated. She emailed me directions, which were easy to follow and I updated my cricut’s firmware. I re-installed Craft Room and it still didn’t work. In the e-mail with the directions the team member said I could e-mail her back with any issues. So I did. And I did again. AND I NEVER HEARD FROM HER! This is what really makes me mad. Don’t be fake polite and fake about your customer service.  So I uninstalled Craft Room again and hit the internet to see if I could find someone out there who had the same problem as I did but had the issue resolved. Much to my dismay, I found many complaints but not a lot of resolutions. One lucky lady who figured out how to get it working had to turn off and /or uninstall all firewall and virus programs. I decided to turn everything off on my computer to see if Craft Room would actually open, it didn’t. And this is where I gave up. I can’t decide if I can complain about a free program. But then I think of all the apps out there for free for my phone. And how responsive the creators are for any issues. And then I think about  how this program was created probably to compete with their competition. You would think Provo Craft groups would want to improve this feature and their customer service because this is stopping me from buying their products because I can’t use the services to the fullest. Also, as a side effect from trying to get Craft Room up and running, I started reading neat things about their competition. I was talking with a fellow scrapbooker about my research because she too can’t use Craft Room. She felt that she was too invested in the Cricut equipment at this point. She has upgraded her machine where I have not. And yes, I do have a fair amount of cartridges for my Cricut, but the Silhouette machines are looking mighty nice right now.

Anyone care to share there experience with Craft Room or the Cricut machines? Or how about the Silhouette machines or other brands?