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I attempted to cut out a very small intricate design using my Cricut and a very thin scrapbook paper. The paper ended up becoming very stuck to the mat and was not salvageable.Why didn’t I use card stock anyways? ~~*sigh*~~

2015-11-22 11.58.55

What a mess!

I was having a really hard time pulling it up and the Cricut spatula was no help.


Tiny Spatula

I was afraid that this mat might be ruined even though it was rather new. Thankfully I picked up this tool kit on clearance.


Cricut Tool Kit

Some elbow grease, the little scrapper guy and a magic eraser saved this mat!2015-11-22 12.04.04

Once I removed the bigger pieces off the mat, I used a damp Magic eraser to get all the little blue paper fuzzy fibers removed. The mat was surprisingly still very sticky and usable!

Lamenting because you do not have a Cricut tool kit that you found on clearance? Don’t worry! These little guys work great too! 2610-lg

You can pick up a pack of three pan scrapers from Pampered Chef for under 5 bucks!  If you already have these for your stoneware, I would recommend labeling which scraper is for the kitchen and which one is for the crafts just in case.

Should you run out and purchase the tool kit? I am not really sure it is necessary for everyone. Thus far I have only used the scraper, the replacement machine blade, and the scissors. The little pointy pieces have never left the case. What have you come across that these pointy tools were good for?

I would highly recommend buying the spatula. (It comes separately.) It makes removing almost all cut pieces off the mat a piece of cake. The pieces also don’t curl up like when you peel pieces off.

So remember, when planning a paper project, thin paper and small Cricut designs are no fun to clean up after!