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A while back I showed off the presents that were made for my mom for Christmas. Namely, this one:2015-11-26 21.11.29I mentioned that I had a second one to work on and I finally got around to it. Since I had no experience with Mod Podge I decided to pick up a small container of the clear matte finish kind.

2016-01-08 10.27.17

The start….excuse my mess of a work space!

As you can see there wasn’t anything precise about how I applied the acrylic paint to the blocks. For attaching the paper, at first I was just applying the Mod Podge to the wood and then trying to stick my cut shapes to it. But the Mod Podge just made the paper curl up. So after much pressing and cursing at the paper, I finally carefully smeared Mod Podge on the top of the paper.

2016-01-08 10.47.22

Mod Podge in process. Smearing it on the top.

The Mod Podge dried relatively fast, changing from white to clear even as I paused to take a photo of my work.

2016-01-08 10.57.36

Moving right along

Unfortunately, the paper did bubble a little with the Mod Podge. When I pressed the bubbles back down some wrinkling of the paper did occur.

So now I have both sides done and “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” on there respective sides in sticker letters. I am currently waiting for the clear coat to dry so I can finish it up with some ribbon. Also I cut the second “p” a little off center on the Happy Thanksgiving side. I am thinking of adding either a pumpkin or a turkey to that letter block.

The first time around I used Super77 to attach the paper. Here is what I liked and didn’t like about using it:

  • I liked that there was no bubbling or curling of the paper.
  • I disliked that you could not re-position the paper once it started to touch the glue.
  • I disliked that the entire piece was sticky from the spray. And it remained slightly tacky until I clear coated it.
  • I disliked that I could only work on one side at a time.

Now on to the Mod Podge:

  • I liked the fast dry time and that nothing was sticky once dry.
  • I liked that you could do some minor re-positioning of the paper by sliding the paper over the Mod Podged surface.
  • I disliked that the paper bubbled and curled.
  • I disliked that creases and wrinkles in the paper occurred from the bubbling and curling.
  • I disliked that you could only work on one side at a time.

Overall, not to many differences between the two.

So my verdict on the glues for making more of these: sticking with the Super77! (yuck yuck! see what I did there? Sticking! hehehe) With some fore thought and making sure my work space is free of strings, glitter, paper bits etc. (not cluttered like the above photos!) I have a steady enough hand to not be concerned about messing up the placement of the paper. I definitely don’t want any paper wrinkling or bubbles to occur again!

I haven’t given up on the Mod Podge though! I have to find things to do with it now, I have a bottle to use up after all.