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The Doctor I am teamed up with at work is a HUGE Star Wars fan! He just loves everything about the Universe of Star Wars. His fandom is rubbing off on me. I was not old enough to really get into the franchise when the first three movies came out. Ewok’s were just new, interesting teddy bears to me. I didn’t even see the three prequels in completion until last year over my Christmas stay-cation I watched all six of the movies in order to be caught up for the newest movie release. His excitement over this newest release was contagious and I am really excited to see it. Yes, it has been out for weeks now. No, I haven’t seen it yet. (I hate sitting in crowded movie theaters. Someone always spills something on me!)

Anyways, the movie was released on a Friday, (which is our surgery day) and we had to sport some Star Wars gear in celebration! So I came prepared to work with new surgery caps for us and some Boba Fett creamer for my morning coffee.

2015-12-18 07.58.51

Ready for Work!

Making his cap was super easy. After inspecting some of his he keeps at the office, it is just an oval and a band bound in bias tape. Thankfully, my black pre-made packaged bias tape would look great since I have yet to try making continuous bias tape again. (see previous post and my bias tape making problems) I drew the oval out on paper, cut it out and compared it against my own head for proper coverage. It was a bit larger than my head but it is for a guy and it would also cover my seam allowances. I took a measuring tape around the outside of the oval to measure the length of fabric I would need for the band. I cut the back of the oval off so the cap is somewhat adjustable. I serged all the edges of the fabric, and attached the band with a normal straight stitch. I then attached the bias tape to the back opening. Then finished off the bottom edge with bias tape which was longer then the band to serve as the ties of the cap. Thankfully, it fits him pretty well.

For me I needed the bouffant style to contain all my hair. I had just received a fabric one from one of the Doctors on staff this past Christmas and used it as my template as well. Again, only needed two shapes. A circle and a piece for the band in the front. Getting the circle the right size was the hardest part because it needs to be puffy. For the band I measured from ear to ear to get the length. I then cut out a rectangle that I could fold in half and cut off the corners away from the fold so it kinda looked like a bridge. I then top stitched along the fold to keep the two sides together and then serged all my edges. To reduce the size of my circle I pinned some unmeasured pleats in the side I wanted to be the front of my cap of the circle. I then pinned the band to the pleats and stitched the pieces together.

2016-01-30 14.46.17

Sewing down the front band

Remember to not run over your pins. It makes your machine angry and it isn’t fun when they break and pointy pieces of metal come flying at your face. In particular, your eyes!

Once the band is on your cap kinda looks like a cross between a prairie cap and a nun’s habit. On the back of the circle, I turned under the edge of the fabric to create a channel to pull elastic through. I sewed down the fabric and got a length of elastic ready as well as my bodkin!

2016-01-30 15.05.13

Prairie cap or nun habit? Hello bodkin!

I swear by my bodkin now. Before the bodkin, I would just try to find an appropriate sized safety pin to attach to the end of the elastic and use as a guide through the channel. Often I would have the pin unhook itself and end up stabbing me or it would come through the fabric. That would create many a tense moment as I tried to blindly get the poky pin side back in the channel and close the clasp with Jedi like control of the force. 😉 Now with my bodkin, I know for certain I will never bleed on my project! Every time you pull the fabric down it, it forces the little sliding circle lock back down on itself, securing the hold again and again. Have I lost the end of my elastic before? Yes, but I was rushing and gathering up too much fabric before sliding the elastic through. So don’t be like me and rush.

Once the bodkin made it through the channel, I took the end of the elastic and stitched the channel closed at the front band over elastic. I then stuck it on my head and pulled the other end of elastic to where it felt like it would keep all my hair contained and was comfortable around my head. I then stitched the elastic in place by closing the end of the channel again.

2016-01-30 15.18.42

The underside. Ready for work!

2016-01-30 15.18.50

The top! Love the At-At Walker blue print section of this fabric!

Not so secretly, I purchased enough of the blue design to make scrub tops out of as well. But that will have to be for another Force Friday!