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2016-02-13 14.37.07

New spring patterns are out and I took a peek online at a few. I was really excited for some of the Simplicity patterns that came out. It just so happened that I had to pick up a few supplies for three aerial costumes I am working on and I had a few minutes to spare at Jo-ann Fabric’s to see the envelopes in person. They were also on sale for $1.00. I picked these three up. I love all the details in the steampunk pattern that is kinda hidden. The vintage wrap dress I found intriguing and beautiful. And I loved the center red costume on the third pattern and that neck line.

No I don’t have any plans to sew these at the moment. I do have a vintage pattern I am interested in making out of vintage fabric for Easter. But more about that later, right now I need to focus on these costumes.

Anyone have a new pattern they are excited about making?