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This year for me had started off really rough.  Nothing much has really gone according to plan.  I have been wondering what the hell I did to piss Murphy of royally. Needless to say,  due to all the drama in my life crafting,  sewing and blogging has suffered.  I really wanted to make myself a dress for Easter.  Unless I pull a all day sewing Saturday adventure,  it’s not going to happen.  My
family will understand that making a new dress is more important than being prepared for Easter,  right?

So here is the pattern and the vintage fabric I wanted to use.


What do you think of this striped fabric?  This dress pattern a good selection?  I have been waffling about my decision. I am certain I will like this fabric as a full skirt.  The bodice in this stripe just throws me a little. 
I will definitely have to muslim out the bodice and maybe do some adjustments to get the fit right based on the envelope measurements.
I also randomly decided that I should work on the fit of a pair of pants I have had.  Basically this happened because I could rip out the seams and sit on the couch and snuggle up in a blanket.
I am adding some fabric to them at the pocket to change how sharply they came in at the hips and waist.  Everything was going well until I discovered that I had no matching thread to top sticth the seams. 
I don’t know how this is even possible with my drawers of thread,  but it happened,  nothing matched.  Off to the store I had to go.  Pants on pause.  Sigh!


Work in progress.  When I got matching thread,  I also picked up thread to hem jeans.


Yay! Thread!

So now I have to fix the waist band, but I am not quite sure what I want to do with it. I was thinking of just adding a section of the new fabric over the new pocket fabric, but the more I think about it, the more I just want to make an all new waist band. The ultimate goal is to make it look not so obvious that I made some changes to the pants.

Well here is to hoping that things quite down and my crafting plans get back on track.