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Have you ever felt like you were  failing at being an adult? I opened my e-mail today for the first time in about two weeks to find over 5000 waiting for me. 5000!!! How does that happen? After mass deleting advertisements and spam for over an hour I think I found 10 emails I actually needed/wanted to read. I recently failed to pay a bill. I never do that. I didn’t put it where my bills go and completely forgot about it. My house is in a constant state of disarray and there are more started projects waiting for me then finished ones it feels like. I didn’t plant my vegetable garden this year. I couldn’t get my schedule and the weather to cooperate to get the tiller out. My freezer is going to be mighty bare this winter. I haven’t weeded my flower beds once this summer! How long has it been since I shared any fun projects??

I could go on with my lamenting, but why bore you. It has definitely been a one step forward and two steps back year for me.  I need to pick myself up by my boot straps and congratulate myself on my little successes. Like “Hooray! You made it to work on time this week fully dressed with matching shoes on your feet!” or “Congratulations! The smoke detector didn’t go off while you were making yourself a meal! It’s not burnt in the slightest!” or how about “Good Job! You loaded the dishwasher and remembered to put soap in it AND hit the start key!”. If there were real awards for these situations, I could say that I wouldn’t win them every week. But I will get there! Eventually I will get my “To Do” list down to a not so stressful size and then I can focus on fun projects.

One such fun project that needs finished also turned into a learning project as well. I learned all about matching patterns. Rewind back to when I was talking about making myself an Easter dress with this fabric. 20160314_093532.jpgI decided that I wanted the stripes going straight down the front of the skirt and matching at the sides. I didn’t want the stripes going horizontally when completed because I don’t want the stripes to make me look like a short round ball! The pattern for the skirt is made out of three panels to make a very round full circle skirt. One for the front and two making up the back of the skirt. I could not cut out the pattern pieces as directed in the instructions because my stripes would be going every which way. I briefly consulted some of my sewing manuals on the best way to figure out pattern matching. I thought I had it all figured out and started cutting out my pieces. I failed to notice after cutting out my first back panel that the stripe pattern is different from either side of the center line of the fabric. I also needed to make sure the striped pattern continued correctly once I sewed the seam allowances together. I had to move out of my sewing room and take over the living room to finish cutting out the fabric so I could lay everything out to the fullest. Look! The stripes are lining up!

2016-04-24 09.42.09

Laying it all out.

I ended up cutting the same piece incorrectly twice, which wasted quite a bit of the fabric.  At this point I don’t think I can make the bodice in the same material and have the stripes line up correctly. There are also darts in the bodice pattern which will interrupt the stripes. I have decided that I am going to make the bodice out of white cotton and keep only the skirt in the stripes. This fabric is almost linen like and you can see through it when you hold it up. So I cut the skirt out again out of a light weight white cotton. It took no time to cut it out once I was not worrying about the stripes! Once I had these pieces all cut I serged the edges and carefully sewed them together so the pattern matches at the seams. I pressed the seams and hung up my voluminous skirt up to work on the bodice.

According to the envelope measurements for the pattern, I should be the largest size. I am concerned that the potentially vintage sizing will not accommodate my shoulders so I am making a muslin.

2016-07-16 16.42.45

Muslin almost ready to be sewed!

Aaaaand that’s as far as I have progressed.

Things I should have done or could have done better to this point:

  1. I should not have tried to match a pattern and stripes as a late night project.
  2. I could have sketched the skirt open,completely laying flat and drawn in the stripes to give myself something visual to help me place the pattern pieces correctly.
  3. I could have tried making something much smaller with pattern matching to get the hang of it first.
  4. The skirt is not perfect in my pattern matching. The waist, when the skirt is laying flat, gives it away. But that is O.K. I won the major battle of having the four seams line up correctly.

Until next time folks!