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Merry Christmas! I have been a busy little elf this year hand making presents. I have been sick for most of December and haven’t quite finished everything I need to. Thankfully we will be celebrating Christmas pretty much through New Years this year.  So I thought I would share something I made for a few of my favorite little humans last Christmas.  They are getting big fast and their first tricycles were on there way. They live were the local bike trail is right over the hill so having the kids in tow on the trail happens regularly. Now with them having their own bikes I thought it would be nice for them to be able to carry their own water and snacks with them as well.

So I found this really cute bike messenger bag tutorial from Sew Can She.

Sew Can She Messenger bag
You need at least two fabrics, interfacing, and Velcro. I was able to raid my fabric stash for supplies which was an added bonus.  I picked out this cute animal sport print and a complimentary solid.  I am not going to go over the steps in detail as the directions that come with the pattern are just fine.

I decided that I was going to add their initials to the flap of the bag and this seriously took me just as long as making the bag.  Or at least it felt like it. To make the applique I used fusible interfacing and ironed on a rectangle of the blue complimentary fabric. I then drew out the letters one some scratch paper. I cut them out and checked there size against the flap panel to make sure I liked the fit.Once I was happy with them I pulled out the washable stabilizer. I traced the letters onto the stabilizer and then used a large enough embroidery hoop around it to fit under my sewing machine arm and clear the design. Using a zig zag stitch I increased the size and decreased the length of the stitch and made the slow progress around the letter.2016-12-25-18.07.25.jpg.jpg After I was done I pulled away the stabilizer and cut out the letter as close to the stitches as possible with out interrupting them. I then sewed the letters to the right side of the flap pieces.


Here is the flap with the letter on it, turned right side out and getting ready for some pressing. The bag itself came together easily and it’s shape is created by boxing the corners.2015-12-20-12.56.37-1.jpg.jpg

Here is one of the bags inside out without the lining and then the second right side out with the lining in place.

And here is the finished bag!

I really liked this pattern and the kids really liked them. They play with them even when they are not out biking to hold toys and what not. I am thinking about making these a little bit larger and out of a more weather resistant fabric for the adults sometime.

Was anyone else doing some last minute sewing this year?