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When I started sewing for myself on a regular basis I was so excited to finish garments. But seam finishing wasn’t really taken into consideration.  I regret this now. Some of the first things I made for myself were scrub tops. I had just started working full time in my chosen field and surprisingly scrubs are expensive. (IMO) I couldn’t afford to buy fun scrubs,  but what I could do was go to the local Walmart fabric section.  I would buy fun clearance fabric and spend an afternoon making work scrubs. I could have a top for 5 bucks or less!  

However,  using cotton fabric and not finishing off my cut edges is coming back to haunt me.

Everything is fraying! 

Little strings everywhere! 

I did not have a serger back then,  so I should have taken the time to zig zag stitch all my edges,captured them in bias tap, or have done french seams. 

The only thing I have going for me is that I left large seam allowances.  So with a few small seam rips I was able to run my fraying tops through the serger. I finished the seams I opened and my pokemon top will live to see another work day.