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Normally I am not very interested in make-up, but recently it has been a new obsession. Perhaps it’s because this winter was so gray and cold,  perhaps it’s because I signed up for Ipsy, or perhaps it’s a fad and I will go back to my no make-up ways as fast as this trend for me started.  Who knows.  In the meantime I have accumulated alot of single eye shadows that need a home.  I looked at the z-palette system and did a double take on the price.  Do you know how much more eyeshadow I can buy for that price? I was hoping I could make something like a z palette but cheaper.  So I scoured youtube for some suggestions and decided to try the journal method.  

Here is what I used:

1. Medium sized journal (five below $5.00)

2. Duct tape (five below $3.99)

3. Magnetic sticker sheet (pat catans $4.99 for a pack)

4. Adhesive backed foam sheets (Walmart $6.69 for pack of 40)

5. Exacto knife; ruler; spare elastic head band

Starting with the journal, carefully remove the paper from the binding with the exacto knife.

Then I covered what was left of the binding with a strip of duct tape.

I also did not like the inside color of the journal so I covered the top with a piece of foam to coordinate with the duct tape. Next cane the magnet. The biggest size in the pack fit perfectly in the hollow space on the other side of the journal.  No cutting! 

Next I measured the remaining teal space exposed and cut strips of self sticking foam.
 I then pulled the backing off the steps and stacked them to match the height of the journal pages I cut out.

Unfortunately I had to use some black strips as well because I didn’t have enough purple.  

But here it is all finished! 

I am going to use a extra elastic headband to keep it closed.  

Ok so was this a better deal?  Cost wise,  the large z-palette is $20.00 versus using about $10.00 in supplies and an hour of my time.  So a win there.  My version appears to be a little smaller than the large z-palette.  I also didn’t have to order it online and wait for it. 

I am calling this craft a draw.  I saved some money which was my goal,  but I am not sure I am in love with my end product.  I am considering adding a mirror to the lid. I haven’t really played with it too much,  but maybe I will love it in the end.