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I tried to alter a tank that I purchased from Hot Topic to adjust the fit from a basic rectangle to something that would fit a girl with hips.  My plan A was to slash the back and add a gusset so the bottom would have some drape and be flowy. I tried to add in some black mesh but my technique to deal with two stretch fabrics and a point was all wrong. 

Ugh! Yuck! What a mess!  On to Plan B! Lets cut off the back and adda back I do like! I grabbed a tank from my sister’s donation pile that I thought the back would work well for my project. 

Here they are together. I cut the back of each shirt off at the seams.  I then folded the fronts in half down the center.  I used the donated top as a pattern for cutting the front of the purple shirt so the shoulders were the correct width to join the new back to.

I then sewed the new back to the purple front using my serger.  I didn’t worry about finishing where I cut the new neck and shoulder line on the purple shirt.  It is not going to fray, so I left it raw. 

Here is my “new” shirt ready for the gym or even this summers concerts! 

How do you like my new remake?