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I am really excited to share some of my makes this month!  I have been busy! I finished up two projects that I had stashed in a bin that I am embarrassed to admit that were probably started over 5 years ago.  Both projects required my nemesis, the iron!  

The first one was the St. Patty’s Day table runner.  I purchased enough fabric years ago to make a whole set of runners and placemats for my dining room.  I cut everything out and only completed the first table runner.  Luckily I was digging through a project box and came across the pieces and decided that I was going to finish the second runner and repurpose the rest of the fabric as my table is too narrow for runner and placemats.  I reluctantly got out the iron and got to work.  I spray basted the shamrock fabric onto the yellow, pinned on the rick rack, and zig zag stitched all three pieces together.  I then attached thin interfacing to the back piece and sewed both pieces together right sides facing.  I turned it right side out and just hand sewed the opening closed.

The second completed project was the Hello Kitty scrub top.  Again I started this year’s ago and tossed it into a project box when I discovered I made an error that would require me to take it apart.  I completely goofed up the neck line!  So I pulled it all apart.  Reset the neck line and got it all back together.  But I made an error when purchasing the fabric in the first place.  I didn’t buy enough and I didn’t have a pattern.  I was just winging it based off of a purchased scrub top of mine. So it was really short in the length!  I knew I was never going to wear it if I didn’t correct that issue. So that’s when I found the coordinating pink fabric.  I decided I wanted to add in a 6 inch band of pink plus ties in the back. So I cut the top where it would just start at my abdomen. I sewed up some pink ties, sewed together the middle pink section, attached the top and the bottom to it. I had to iron my seams flat as well as some left over material for some pockets. Unfortunately,  I missed the winter weather to wear this print but it is out of my unfinished box! 

I did another t-shirt revamp using two shirts to make a new one. And I made a pair of linen Bermuda shorts with some fabric I purchased a few months ago that I pulled out of the stash. (More on these projects later)

And I made some Mickey ears! I was inspired by a youtube video I came across for some wire ears and I decided to make them with things I had around.  Mickey ears made St. Patty’s Day so much more fun for a friend and I. I also made her some Marie ears to test out for me.

I have a few commissions I need to complete, so thankfully most of these purchases are project related instead of stash building. (For a change) 

First I purchased three different Star Wars Fabrics from Jo-Ann Fabrics to make some Mickey ears. The fabric was $10-$13.00 a yard. I also picked up two McCall’s patterns that were on sale for $1.99 ea. The patterns are just going into the pattern stash.

I also needed some additional ribbon to go along with the fabric for the ears so I also went to Pat Catans and Michaels. The basic solid colored ribbon came from Pat Catans, while the blue sparkly narrower ribbon came from Michaels, then the Star Wars and orange ribbon came from Jo-Anns. Needless to say the Star Wars Robin was the most expensive ribbon.  While in Michaels I also picked up some black gems, cording for some fleece hoods I have started, and some washi tape (because why not).

After looking for ribbon I like for these projects at multiple stores,  does anyone like to purchase ribbon online?  Can anyone recommend a good online store?