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For part of my work week I am an official paper pusher. So I need an office appropriate wardrobe as well as fun festive scrubs for my work week. Giving myself an all weather wardrobe for the office has been challenging and more costly than I would have thought. So I have been looking for ways to keep me looking cute and not break the bank at the same time. From time to time I stop buy Gabe’s to see what I can find. If you don’t have a Gabe’s ( technically the store is called Gabriel Brother’s) in your area you are missing out. It is a step above thrift shopping because nothing has been previously owned but you do need to look the clothes over for construction errors, stains, and rips.

On a recent trip I picked up a New York and Company burgundy top with gold threads running through it. It has a tie neck line which isn’t something that I would normally pick up but I thought I would give it a try for $3.99. There were no problems with the material it was made out of or obvious defects so in the cart it went.  I wasn’t expecting to be writing about this top. I could not take before pictures for you because I ran into a problem with the half sleeves. My arms did not fit through the tulip finish on them! The tulip element to them reduces down to about 7″ around, basically the size of my wrist!


The Original Sleeve

Since it had some overlap I decided to not give up on the shirt, but rather removed the tulip cuff with my trusty seam ripper.


Decorative Tulip End Removed

Once it was removed I made sure it was actually long enough to go around my arm.  Thankfully my arm would fit through it once it was spread out further. I pinned where I wanted the new overlap in the tulip to sit and regathered the sleeve. I pinned the cuff back on and headed to my sewing machine. I reattached the cuff with a straight stitch and repeated the process for the other sleeve.


Stitching it back on with my Baby Lock Grace


Finished Sleeve

Once the tulip cuff was back on the shirt and turned right side out, I didn’t like how the sleeve part itself puffed at the cuff. I did some quick top stitching on it to keep the seam allowance in place and to keep the puff at bay.

Now I have a wearable work shirt!20171130_110920-1

I am still not sure I like this collar. On the plus side, I don’t have to think about jewelry with it.

On occasion I happen to come across other shirts like mine, still with tags on it, at the local thrift stores. I guess no one can fit there arms in the sleeves! That makes mine a one of a kind shirt!