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Happy New Year! With this new year old man winter has brought my neck of the woods bitter cold temperatures, snow, and ice. Needless to say I am hibernating. I haven’t been spending to much time in my craft and sewing space because it’s the coldest part of the house but I have been planning my personal sewing this year all bundled up from my couch. In looking back at last year’s sewing,  I made some observations from my sewing habits from the #makenine2017 challenge. Basically I am a mag pie. Bright and shiny things get my attention ie if you frustrate me you are getting shelved. I work on things without a true plan and pick fabrics that appeal to me but may not have any coordinates already in my wardrobe. 

My style (or lack there of) is also unfocused and all over the place. In becoming an “adult” it seems that work dress code and ready to wear work friendly clothes kills my ability to further explore my personal style.  The thermostat at work being under lock and key has also dictated what I wear. It is never comfortably warm in the winter so I have to layer and rarely take my winter jacket off during the day. I would call my winter style “park bird lady frumpy”. Summer time it is rarely cool in the building, and clothing material matters. Rayon and silk tops are out as they make me warmer. My summer staples have become light weight t-shirts and tank tops with capri pants or light weight cargo pants. Sandals are frowned upon which has rekindled my love of chucks. We will call this look “reliving my undergrad years”.  Thankfully, I did a big overhaul to my work life last year and I am no longer with the companies I worked for. This has created a state of flux in my life and a state of exploration which although stressful, is also exciting. So I am no longer locked into a work uniform.

My current size is also an issue with me. My routine changed with a major work accident that took years to heal from and I started to literally wear my unhappiness with my injury and work on my body. I don’t know how to dress myself anymore aside from selecting everything oversized and I feel like I do have some body image issues that are going on in my head. I have been unsuccessful at rekindling my old routine back into my life and I have been struggling to find a new one that works for me. Which is a first for me. Anyone have any suggestions at creating lifestyle habits start and stick for me?

Due to all off the above, I have decided that I am going to create a capsule wardrobe this year and also do a major closet clean out. I am working my way through Colette’s Wardrobe Architect. She really helps you to start thinking about your wardrobe and what works for you. I am going to participate in #makenine2018 and #sewmystyle2018 sewing challenges to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe. And the first step I took to point me in a direction as the sewing challenges start is pick a color palette.

I took a hard look at my closet and looked for a color trend. Aside from black, there definitely was a trend. Comparing the colors to my natural hair and skin tones I made some eliminations and selected this color scheme for my capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobe color selections

The color that concerns me a little and is pushing me out of the norm for me is the mustard. I don’t gravitate to it naturally, but it could be a nice compliment in some prints. Burgundy and purples are good colors for me as I am fair and have green eyes. I like the muted tones in these swatches and will be a good start for spring and summer sewing.

What do you think of my selections? Any suggestions for me?

Stay tuned for sewing selections, fabric hauls, and closet over hauls.