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Yes, I know it is mid-February. But I honestly still have gifts sitting in my dining room for friends or their children. This winter we have been hit with freezing temperatures, bad driving conditons, and two different nasty bugs that have been going around. Most of my friends’ children have suffered from these bugs starting in December and the whole family ended up down for the count and socially quarentined. This just means I have been celebrating the holidays for almost three months and I am perfectly fine with that. The bulk of the gift giving has been completed and I now feel ok sharing my me made holiday gifts. I would say that 90% of my gift giving this time around was all me made which I am super proud of. Here is a run down of some of the sewing things I made.

I used this pattern last year to make some kiddo pj pants and I pulled it out again this year.  The little ones who did not get pjs made for them last year got pjs this year.


I made the sleeveless version for a few tiny humans who live in better climates where they could wear this from fall to spring. They are fleece outer layers with flannel backed satin linings. I was disappointed on the selection of toggles and elastic cord locally for this pattern. In searching online, the colors that would best match my projects were from over seas and man they took a long time to get here. I’m talking MONTHS! Plural!

I also had to order the flannel backed satin online. Joann Fabrics carries about 5 colors in store, but many more online. I have purchased this material in black in store before and was quite happy with its weight and sewing performance. This lilac color was not as thick or had the same flannel content on the back. I questioned it immediately as soon as I unpackaged it and dug out my black scraps to compare. Not only was it different to my scraps, it was different compared to the in-store bolts. I imagine the extra colors sold online are from a different manufacturer or maybe my order came off a bad bolt. I am not willing to reorder it to confirm my suspicion. But I will think twice about using the extra colors in the future. There are not a lot of options with this type of lining material I have found. Does anyone have any other suggestions for something similar?

Unicorn headbands/ear muffs

This project is a great fleece scrap buster and a satisfying project to Netflix binge while hand sewing and stuffing. They were warmly received from my My Little Pony enthusiasts.

Furry Friends bows, ties, and bandanas:

Some four legged friends are included in family photos so they have to match to! I made a few bow ties, neck ties and bandanas for some friends this season. Silly me did not think to take photos of all of them before they went off to snazzy up some already handsome pups for the holidays.

Collared shirts

I used Blank Slate Pattern for the Bookworm Button up to make this. I think I am mastering the collar stand and would like to make the girls version next for the tiny humans. I used kam snaps instead of buttons this time so the kids can dress themselves on hectic mornings with little fussing. If I remember correctly the fabric I used in the photo is a Michael Miller cotton. 

I love the weight of the fabric used for this line and there are many great designs.

McCall M7458

I purchased this flannel sheep material with no set plan in mind, I just loved it so! I’m a sucker for cute animal prints. Turns out it didn’t sit other stash for long!  This shirt  was a really easy sew up and I loved the end result but I just can’t get a hang of kids sizing. Some patterns size by weight, others by body  measurements, and just to give you another option, some use common sizing you can find in stores. I am always worried these garments are never going to fit the kiddos! In the end it did fit! Yay!

I think that is just about everything I was sewing item wise this year. I do have a scrapbooking project that is taking me forever to complete, hopefully I can share that soon. Do you have any go to sewing patterns for gifts? How about other good seasonal gift crafts you would recommend?