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Hello there! I seem to have fallen of the blogging bandwagon a bit. I have been trying, I swear! I have a list of potential topics and have been taking photos but the actual blogging part has been eluding me. Anyways, I was thinking I was going to try to refashion an article of clothing or item I have around the house once a month. I have been slowly going through my wardrobe and trying to pin point my style, so I figure this will help to keep my wardrobe slightly full and potentially keep items from trash heaps after I donate my cast offs. So I started in April with a fairly simple one to kick off the hopefully soon to be habit. 

Anyone remember toe socks? How about still have a pair? I accumulated a few pairs of these socks even though I hated wearing them. I don’t really care for regular socks. They definitely are removed with my shoes once I am home. I can’t stand my toes being wrapped in sock material, so why did I still have a pair of Easter toe socks in my sock drawer?  Well, they were a gift (all of the toe socks were gifted actually) and I like the design on them. 

While deciding if they were worthy of keeping, I noticed that these socks didn’t have an actual heel knitted in. So they were perfect candidates to become toe-less regular holiday socks. And the easiest way to do that would be to run them under the overlocker/serger! 

The hardest part to this re-fashion is turning the socks inside out. 

Once all the toes were arranged properly,I just serged right inside of the toe line so all the toes came off in a chain. 
Next came finishing the ends. I pulled the serger chain thread back through the stitches using a large needle. Finally, they were turned right side out and on my feet they went! 

No more annoying toe claustrophobia for these socks! 

Simple.Easy. Done. Is it fair to even consider this a re-fashion?