Oh 2018! You were not kind to me. It was a year of changes and plans falling apart. I had a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning of the year and made great plans. I knew I was biting off potentially more than I could chew with #2018makenine  and #2018sewmystyle . Then I threw in major life changes in June and my sewing time became non existant. I also had too many stressors in my life and my sewjo dried up and is still MIA. My sewing machines feel the stress emanating off of me and act very naughty because of it. I then proceed to have a melt down which usually ends with me balled up on the floor crying. So yeah, not a good time. 

Anyways, here is a refresher of my plans:

Let’s start in the top left shall we. 

Simplicity 1018: Started this and attempted to make it out of my fabric stash. A more accurate description of my attempt would be: I tried to use fabric scraps left over from an old stretch velour project. Needless to say I did not have enough so my skater dress turned into a cropped top. I still wanted it to be a dress and a seam at the waste did not bother me so I tried to find more velour but nothing matched well. I then purchased a dbp plaid fabric for the skirt but I couldn’t convince myself it was right and this project stalled out.

Simplicity 2219: Started this and it is in two pieces. I am not liking the bodice and my fabric selection. I also did not use the correct interfacing. I am debating on scrapping the current bodice and correcting with some black jersey and the correct interfacing.

Simplicity S0917: Completed! But it is a bit large, which is my fault because I used a rayon jersey instead of a woven. Yeah, I didn’t pay close enough attention. So this is a lovely swimsuit coverup. I will make this again in an appropriate fabric, size it down and shorten it.

Butterick B5889: Nope!

Free space: Did not intentionally fill this box.

Simplicity 1619: Nope! I didn’t find any fabric that called to me for this.

Butterick B6169: Nope! 

Butterick B5748: I purchased the pattern again in the next size range to see if starting large would be easier to fit the bodice to my not vintage proportions. But that’s as far as I got. Skirt is still completed and hanging with other UFO’s.

Butterick B6183: Started. So I was working on a wearable muslin on the top but got bogged down in ordering a zipper for it and the sizing. Based on the pattern sizing, I thought the top would be a perfect fit. But it came out huge and the exposed zip install was not great. So I need to take it apart and size it down. I don’t think reinstalling the zipper will help because the rectangle placement mark on the pattern is a bit large. So that is what it is.

Hmmmm….I guess this may be classified as a fail by the looks of it.

So, for 2019 I am going to do things a little different. Two years of #makenine has created a fair number of UFO’s hanging around my sewing room. So instead of having firm pattern plans, 2019 is going to be all about finishing UFO’s in various clothing and project categories. 

When I flesh out this plan, I will post more. Stay tuned for what I accomplished in the #2018sewmystyle challenge.